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FYM Global Sourcing Service

Managing and Improving relationship  with suppliers. Negotiating the best commercial conditions . Accees to many suppliers to ensure we find the right one for your business. Defining product specs that will meet your needs. Managing and mitigating all supply chain risk

Sourcing Fee

Based on product type & volume. Fee included in presented quote pricing
  • Supplier Negotiations
  • Quality Control
  • Logistics
  • Import Intelligance
  • 7 day a week support from FYM account manager

Source Your Product

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   Our Sourcing Process

Step 1 - Submit & Review

Once your Product Questionnaire has been submitted we review your needs and assign an account manager to your project.

Step 2 - Supplier Research

We source suppliers then create a shortlist before verifying pricing and presenting you your options and research behind each supplier.

Step 3 - Product Sample

Choose your supplier and order a sample. Once the sample arrives, we review and confirm the design and quality.

Step 4 - Negotiate & Order

We negotiate the terms and conditions of the sales contract. Once both parties agree on the contract, deposit is paid and the order is placed.

Step 5 - Quality Control

We ensure compliance and quality once your order is placed. Using inspection services and having the FYM team on the ground gives you the advantage.

Step 6 - Logistics Process

Packing, loading and shipping is supervised by the FYM team on the ground. Custom clearance and payment are the final stages of the process.

Benefits of FYM Sourcing

Save time and money

We understand the challenges involved, and will lead you through a step-by-step, secure process to minimize risk and rapidly achieve results while saving you time and money.


Logistics made easy

For countries like the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada, where most of our clients are located, we can deliver the goods right at your doorstep. We manage customs clearance and logistics in the suppliers country and your destination country.

Access To Emerging Markets

FYM has taken advantage of capacity in emerging  manufacturing markets to ensure our clients have the best global supplier options. 

Manage quality and reliability risks

FYM Trading ensures that quality and reliability is maintained as we are on the ground managing suppliers. Our strong communication with suppliers allows us to resolve any problems before they become critical. 

Strong Negotation Team

Our team on the ground in Vietnam, China & Canada ensure we get the most fair terms and conditions for every sales contract.


                 Ottawa, Canada

                 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Sourcing FAQ

What type of prodcuts can FYM source?

FYM has a strong background importing granite, steel, marble (finished and raw), furniture, firepits, flooring and more. We are able to source just about anything but definiftley have our areas of strenghts.

What Countries does FYM source from?

Although we are continusly working on projects in many counties, our most predominate supplier relationships are located Vietnam and secondly, China.

What is the minimum and maximum order FYM can source for my business?

Our minimum sourcing order requirements for each product is one container OR an order value of $50,000 USD. Maximum order size depends soley on avaible capacity of the supplier you choose.

How does the Scouring Fees work?

For each product;

  • Quote & Sample Fee – $199 per Product
  • FYM Sourcing Fee – This fee is inlcuded in the intial quote price we present you. Fee varies based on  volume & type of goods being sourced. 
How Long does the Sourcing Process Take?

This depends on the complexity of your product(s) and volume of the order. Normally, a first time client can expect thier intial project to take 2-6 months from conceptulization to arrival at your door.