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Import Consulting

Import Consulting Service

Have a question about logistics, quality control or any part of the global sourcing process? Book a one on one Skype session with our experienced FYM team today and we’ll connect you with the right team member. Only out Senior Management, CEO and VPs host consulting sessions.


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Import Consulting FAQ

Whats topics are you able to cover during a Consultation?

Our consulting services cover Sourcing, Logistics, Quality Control, Negotiations, Sample, Wholesale Loads, Customs Intel.

How long are the sessions?

The minimum Session is 30 minutes, maximum 2 hours.

How far ahead can I book? How many sessions at a time?

Bookings are done up one month in advance and you’re able to book a maximum of 6 sessions at once.

Who will be advising me during the consultations session?

Only our CEO, Senior Management and VPs host sessions. We will link you the right FYM personal based on the topic of the Session you choose.

Benefits of Import Consulting

Gain Intelligance

During these sessions we share important internal FYM information and processes while preping research notes on the topic of your booked session.



Never leave your home or office

All of our sessions are done by Skype or phone so you can stay cozy where you are while we help guide you through the ever challenging import terain!

Access to fully detailed "FYM Sourcing Process Guide

Once you’ve figured out which wholesale product are hot sellers for your business, we’ll help you create a mid and long term purchasing plan to further reduce your cost of goods and increase your sales.

Together we track all your sessions & notes through FYM's Members Portal

Our members portal is the one stop shop for all your FYM Trading needs indluing tracking your consulting session and the resources we share. We will build on these notes each session and dig to the bottom of your importing problems. 

                     We are a Canadian based comapny