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About fym

We are a Trading Company that believes sourcing and wholesale doesn’t need to be so archaic in the 21st century. Using technology to build, manage and enhance relationships with our clients & suppliers is our mission. With over 50 combined years of Sourcing, Project Management & Wholesale experience The FYM team ensures you are fully covered when using any of our services. Our highly trained team is familiar with all the latest industry technology and trends.

With global trade at your finger tips and our hand in the community, together, we’re committed to a brighter future. Helping through community & sport initiatives is a top priority for FYM. Please check our Community page for more detail and info!


We provide end to end sourcing & wholesale  services to companies who wish to take advantage of global manufacturing cost-efficient production. We love providing value to our clients through strong relationships and communicate to help you at all stages of your FYM experience.

We also offer logistics and consulting solutions for your business. Please check Our Services page for the details!


We bridge the East-West gap through a combination of Western management & local experience in Asia & North America.  We provide full project management oversight to protect you against various import risks particularly quality control.

We use use the FYM Members Portal for our clients to track, forecast and organize all business transactions and documentation.


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