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What type of prodcuts can FYM source?

FYM has a strong background importing granite, steel, marble (finished and raw), furniture, firepits, flooring and more. We are able to source just about anything but definiftley have our areas of strenghts.

What Countries does FYM source from?

Although we are continusly working on projects in many counties, our most predominate supplier relationships are located Vietnam and secondly, China.

What is the minimum and maximum order FYM can source for my business?

Our minimum sourcing order requirements for each product is one container OR an order value of $50,000 USD. Maximum order size depends soley on avaible capacity of the supplier you choose.

How does the Scouring Fees work?

For each product;

  • Quote & Sample Fee – $199 per Product
  • FYM Sourcing Fee – This fee is inlcuded in the intial quote price we present you. Fee varies based on  volume & type of goods being sourced. 
How Long does the Sourcing Process Take?

This depends on the complexity of your product(s) and volume of the order. Normally, a first time client can expect thier intial project to take 2-6 months from conceptulization to arrival at your door. 


What type of products can I purchase with FYM Wholesale?

Granite, steel, marble (finished and raw), indoor furniture, patio furniture, firepits, flooring, consturction material and more. We are alwasy adding new products to our wholesale inventory. 

What Countries does FYM Ship Wholesale to?

We ship to all of North America with-in 48hrs. If you’re interested in purchasing FYM wholesale outside of North America, please contact us.

What is the minimum and maximum order I can Purchase with FYM Wholesale?

Min and max orders depend on current our inventory levels. Please Log in or Sign up to find out!

Are all FYM Wholesale Product brand new?

Yes, all products are brand new and many are many FYM import signature designs.

Do you sell FYM Wholesale products to retail customers?

No, we do not sell to retail customer. Please see the our affiliate page HERE to see who’s selling FYM products.

   Import Consulting

Whats topics are you able to cover during a Consultation?

Our consulting services cover Sourcing, Logistics, Quality Control, Negotiations, Sample, Wholesale Loads, Customs Intel.

How long are the sessions?

The minimum Session is 30 minutes, maximum 2 hours.

How far ahead can I book? How many sessions at a time?

Bookings are done up one month in advance and you’re able to book a maximum of 6 sessions at once.

Who will be advising me during the consultations session?

Only our CEO, Senior Management and VPs host sessions. We will link you the right FYM personal based on the topic of the Session you choose.

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